Jacob Nollette :: Systems Engineer


Jacob Nollette (no-let) is a creative developer with full stack enthusiasm. Strengths span from developing front-end responsiveness, back-end applications, and administering Linux server. Excels with Linux systems, WordPress, providing SEO, and media production.


  • Develops WordPress
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media integrations
  • Project management
  • Agile story writing
  • Version control (GIT)
  • Linux server automation
  • Virtualization
  • Containers


Luminfire – Systems Engineer // 2018 — Current
  • Standing up and maintaining Linux hosts and PHP WordPress Environments
  • Securing and administering data lakes and backup retention policies
  • Securing and administering IAM, KMS, and RSA credentials across multiple public cloud vendors, and multiple teams of developers
  • Providing support for GitLab and Container Registry
  • Provided support for continuous integration, testing, and deployment pipelines
  • Maintaining and reporting monolith web applications, services, and static caches, and identifying performance characteristics
  • Budgeting and optimizing multitenant server deployments
  • Supporting physical office WAPs, network VLANS, and VPN for super secure developer network
  • Skills with Ubuntu, MacOS, PFSense, FreeNAS, Docker, Gitlab, and LEMP
Self – Freelance Developer // 2012 — 2018
  • Has worked as a WordPress developer, with additional use of PHP for other application to supplement.
  • Experience with OOP Javascript, jQuery plugins, and PHP forms validation
  • LEMP (NGINX) and/or LAMP (Apache) hosting on Ubuntu or Debian.
  • Docker containerization
  • Capastrano continuous integration
Hamilton The Musical — System Engineer // 2017
  • Configured a load balanced server setup with (nginx)
  • Used network shared file system for real-time syncing (gluster)
  • Secured and optimized a database server (mysql)
  • Applied a static caching layer to WordPress to optimize CPU performance
  • Siege tested the setup for expected performance
  • Went from 20 concurrent users to almost 300
  • Kept costs low — Freelance Full Stack Developer // 2017
  • Has built WordPress themes from scratch
  • Has built a dynamic multi-layered client questionnaire
  • Provided ecommerce application support and payment gateway integration
  • SEO support
  • Continuous integration
Manhattan Toy – Freelance Developer // 2014 — 2015
  • Migration of existing Blogger blog, to the WordPress platform at a new domain, including 301 redirects, and Blogger integrations. Old posts were linked to the new domain.
  • The MT main (WWW) site was hosted on a Shopatron e-commerce platform, so global site elements (Nav) and styles were synchronized down to Blog with Cron.
NSE Media – Freelance Developer // 2012 — 2015
  • Migrated NSE’s existing static HTML based workflow to WordPress.
  • Custom surgical photo gallery ingest software was created and evolved over many iterations.
  • Custom JavaScript plugins, custom PHP forms, robust SEO support, and social media integrations.
Clear – Software for Good – Creative Developer // 2010 — 2013
  • Work was mainly based around WordPress developments and front-end support.
  • Added new style and designs to Ruby on Rails apps, along side full stack Rails developers.
  • Provided “user ability” testing and reports toward scope analysis as to guide full stack developers in creating tests for larger rails apps.


Coursework toward Bachelor of Fine Arts: Interactive Media
Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Minneapolis, MN

Programming Languages and Proficiencies

PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Bash, CSS, HTML