The Resume of Jacob Nollette


Jacob Nollette — Web Systems Engineer: a creative full stack developer with continuous integration and system building experiance. Jacob’s strengths span from developing front-end responsiveness, back-end gateway applications, administering Linux server, and designing dev ops pipelines. Jacob excels with Linux systems, contianers, UI/UX, and SEO. In a past life, Jacob was an interactive media ninja, so he is enthusiastic about design and filmmaking.

  • DevSecOps for container based workflows
  • Gitlab ci/cd
  • PHP-based docker containers
  • PFSense developer network, and point to point networking
  • Freenas storage endpoints
  • WordPress theme building
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media integrations
  • Agile story writing
  • Version control (GIT)
  • Linux server automation (linux)
  • Virtualization
  • Containers (Docker)

Luminfire – Systems Engineer // 2018 — Current

  • Standing up and maintaining Linux hosts and PHP WordPress Environments
  • Securing and administering data lakes and backup retention policies
  • Providing risk managment consultation, and implimenting company wide standard operating procedures
  • Securing and administering IAM, KMS, and RSA credentials across multiple public cloud vendors, and multiple teams of developers
  • Providing support for Code Repositories and Container Registries
  • Provided support for continuous integration, testing, and deployment pipelines
  • Maintaining and reporting large gateway web applications, services, and static caches, and identifying performance characteristics
  • Budgeting and optimizing costs for multitenant server networks
  • Supporting physical office WAPs, network VLANS, and VPN for super secure developer networks
  • Skills with Ubuntu, MacOS, Windows, PFSense, FreeNAS, Docker, Gitlab, and LEMP
Self – Freelance Developer // 2012 — 2018
  • Has worked as a WordPress developer, with additional use of PHP for other application to supplement.
  • Provided horizontal scalling, load balancing, and HA for WordPress sites
  • Experience with OOP Javascript, jQuery plugins, and NodeJS
  • Provided code for PHP MVC’s, and form validation
  • Provided LEMP (NGINX) and/or LAMP (Apache) hosting on Ubuntu or Debian.
  • Deployed Docker containers in production
  • Deployed Capastrano continuous integration
Hamilton The Musical — System Engineer // 2017
  • Configured a load balanced server setup with (nginx)
  • Used network shared file system for real-time syncing (gluster)
  • Secured and optimized a database server (mysql)
  • Applied a static caching layer to WordPress to optimize CPU performance
  • Siege tested the setup for expected performance
  • Went from 20 concurrent users to almost 300
  • Kept costs low — Freelance Full Stack Developer // 2017
  • Has built WordPress themes from scratch
  • Has built a dynamic multi-layered client questionnaire
  • Provided ecommerce application support and payment gateway integration
  • SEO support
  • Continuous integration
Manhattan Toy – Freelance Developer // 2014 — 2015
  • Migration of existing Blogger blog, to the WordPress platform at a new domain, including 301 redirects, and Blogger integrations. Old posts were linked to the new domain.
  • The MT main (WWW) site was hosted on a Shopatron e-commerce platform, so global site elements (Nav) and styles were synchronized down to Blog with Cron.
NSE Media – Freelance Developer // 2012 — 2015
  • Migrated NSE’s existing static HTML based workflow to WordPress.
  • Custom surgical photo gallery ingest software was created and evolved over many iterations.
  • Custom JavaScript plugins, custom PHP forms, robust SEO support, and social media integrations.
Clear – Software for Good – Creative Developer // 2010 — 2013
  • Work was mainly based around WordPress developments and front-end support.
  • Added new style and designs to Ruby on Rails apps, along side full stack Rails developers.
  • Provided “user ability” testing and reports toward scope analysis as to guide full stack developers in creating tests for larger rails apps.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Interactive Media
Minneapolis, MN

Programming Languages & Proficiencies

PHP, Javascript, Bash, Ruby, CSS, HTML