Feeling like the world is getting so big?

Too complicated, need a break? Is it so multi dimensions that you feel like you need a new set of glasses just to see across the horizon? I think so too.

What ever happened when the world kicked off it’s collective initial moon shots. Big things happened. Everyone worked at break neck speeds, tried every possibility imaginable, and every day people moved the needle.

This is going to be the 100 day moonshot.

You don’t even need to have one big idea to start; this moonshot is different; the world is different.

We’re at a time, when as connected humans, we have such powerful tools; things like collaborative documents, LLM-powered AI chat bots, super mature coding and automation tools. People can literally run an entire big idea off a semi-modern laptop, and an internet connection.

Here’s the pitch:

This doesn’t have to be one thing, one big idea; maybe it’s 100 things; maybe even more.

Every day, we pound through the work, by any means necessary, with the goal to ship something, every day. Let the tools dictate what’s possible. Ship by any means.

It might be a complicated blog post, about something you’re not digested on – use search and AI to process that information down into some original thoughts.

Maybe it’s a video – don’t sweat the small stuff; shoot on your smart phone if you have to; it’s okay to be quick and dirty, but be original. Maybe jazz it up with a quick slide deck, and some rough editing. Convey your point, like you’re going to war.

100 days of shipping things, and getting shit done.

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