@NHL – there was a time when you had your own app. It wasn’t great, but what we have now is even worse. I’m not going to get into the business semantics of media black outs, but I will say, other leagues and platforms have graced fans with experiences that gloss over this in a better light.

What the fans have, leaves us feeling like no one is responsible for the quality of service. Fans are putting up premiums for service that lacks reliability and experience. How is it that today, I am spending more than 3x the cost of a base tier netflix account to watch your sport in the state of hockey (Minnesota), and I can only watch one team, and yet the stream can’t play through a whole game without dropping?

How is it, that our streets can be plowed with enough fiber capacity to stream entire stadium sections of arenas with your apps, and yet, we can’t muster a reliable enough to take advantage of out potential enough to stream a full game without incident?

Leagues like the NBA, are mainlining the whole league at dual 4k right into reviewers eye balls before the Vision Pro has been publically released, and yet, the league is fractured and blackedout between multiple monthly service providers.

The MLB has media deals with old comapnies, and yet MLB.tv is still a strong investiment.

Where is the experience fansdeserve in 2024? Where is that generous flat fee, so that I can be a fan? So that I can watch every game, on any device, and not get bounced offline just as those magic moments are heating up?

NHL, I emplore you, clean this situation up!